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I walked back to the diner, stomping my feet, irritated, whining:

- How rude, he has to be some eccentric country moron. How can he be THAT annoying? How can someone like him that much? Idiots. They have to be idiots. I need to leave this city.

- Oh stop whining and just go already - came a voice from my right side, followed by a laugh. Crystal clear. - Why do you let someone else's mood affect you that way? - Said Jason.

I froze. How? How could he have gotten there so quickly? Why did he change his mood so suddenly? And, above all, why the hell was he following me, talking to me or even caring what I was whining about.

- Get out of my way. Your opinions don't matter to me and my life isn't your business - I replied.

 -Oh well, who's being rude now? - he laughed again, looking very entertained at my reaction.

I looked at him with my best killer look, just because, didn't say anything and left towards the diner. Luckily none of my co-workers saw the scene or they could comment I was picking on the client.
I was irritated for the rest of the day, trying to be nice and smile, despite it being a torture. All I wanted was to go home.


Chapter 1 - The Encounter II

That day, as usual, Jason left the diner and went home. Only one thing was wrong - he forgot his wallet and my boss asked me to take it to him.
Aggainst my will, I went to his house, rang the doorbell and give him his wallet. He answered the door looking even more handsome than usual - so handsome it was scary -, shirtless, his light skin shining, his expression a bit grumpy for having his privacy interrupted that way.

After picking up his wallet, he turned his back on me and pulled the door, but, quickly, I placed my foot on the doorstep to stop him. He looked me with an expression between surprise and anger.

- You should thank me - I said, looking directly in his eyes - that's what NORMAL people do when someone does them a favor.

- Favor? - he said, staring me back almost paingfully - Ok. Thank you. Can I close the door now?

- I don't know why they sigh for you so badly - I answered, resenting his answer, removing my foot from the doorstep and walking away, while he slammed the door.


Chapter 1 - The Encounter

Of course I knew who he was... "Brown eyes, black hair", as my friend would say ("nice ass", she'd add when he walked away), everyday he went to the diner where I've worked for the last 2 summers. After that, it became my steady job.

Jason Sones, the strange man of the region - a small neighbourhood in a large city - drop dead gorgeous, smart and perfect, but unpleasant, lonely and methodical. Everyday, for the 4 years he's spent in this hell hole of a city, he's done the same thing: left home, stopped by the diner, bought a newspaper, sat by and read it drinking coffee. After, he'd leave to... Well, no one knew - and no one dared to ask.

Handsome and misterious - everything no father wishes for their daughter and all a woman wants for her sordid adventures. Me? I was afraid of him.

There were stories all over the city: that he was rich, eccentric, a murderer - rich with the loot of his victims, that he was the unwanted son of this or that famous person, everything had been considered.

But no one was as close to the truth than my great grandmother.

- He is immortal - she'd say - he lived right here, when I was around your age and moved out 7 years later. It's been around 90 years, but I'll never forget! I was in love with him... Well, we all were.

Of course we wouldn't believe her, we thought it was her age speaking, that she was confused, mixing him up with someone from when she was young, but now I know she was right. He is immortal, as I am too, now.


The world dyed red while the Sun was setting behind the hills. I was watching the nightfall without knowing what would come next. that could be my last Sunset, or the first of my new life.
Suddenly the image shone and changed and I noticed I was crying. Not for someone or something, but for an end that, one way or the other, is sad.

I stood up and went foward to my destiny, my goal and origin, all the reason of my being, my Jason.

His beautiful dark hair, shaking with the wind while he was waiting for me, by the hill, leaning on his car.

He was facing the Sun, his lips open in a smile, his eyes were closed and opened when I got near him, running, and fell into his arms.

I was human until this morning. A week ago, I wouldn't have guessed I'd be here, now, with Jason, ready to die. Well, not exactly die, or I wouldn't be able to write, walk or smile. Não, não dead, but, actually, undead, immortal, incapable of dying. A vampire, like Jason.

In a week my life had changed completelly, but it's not going to change anymore, not on the important parts:  I wouldn't die easily, wouldn't break apart from Jason and would feed on human blood. 3 simples things.

The first time I saw Jason, exactly one week ago, feels so distant now. Of course I'll never forget about anything that happened then, after seeing him, but still, so many memories, so many feelings, so many emotions.